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Fun, Educational Field Trips!

NEW! Rosie The Riveter

“Rosie the Riveter” introduces your students to the famous amphibious DUKW vehicle. Enjoy a classroom presentation with authentic WWII military artifacts that provides your students a hands on experience. After, climb aboard the DUKW vehicle for a splash down in the Ohio River! Rosie Riveter Registration Form

Make learning fun for your students with Duck tours for your upcoming field trips. Greater Cincinnati/Newport history comes to life as your class rides and then splashes down into the Ohio River for a fun cruise and a view of the Cincinnati and Newport riverbanks.

Students will learn!

  • Ride through the streets of Cincinnati and Newport and then splash down into the Ohio River for a fun cruise and to see Cincinnati and Newport like you have never seen it before.
  • Our entertaining crews are history buffs, and they relate their love of the city.
  • Teachers are encouraged to join in with the crew in explaining or highlighting lesson-worthy aspects of the tour

Teachers can relax!

  • No need to worry where your students are, they are all safely aboard within eyes and ears of the crew and your chaperones.
  • All Ride the Ducks vehicles are United States Coast Guard inspected ducks and our captains are USCG certified.
  • Ride rain or shine.  The Duck is climate controlled to protect your group from the elements.

Gather your flock and book today!

  • We can accommodate up to 37 students and teachers per Duck.

Submit a group information request, call (859) 815-1423 or email us at ttrahan@newportaquarium.com.

Duck Captain with Kids